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“More than just about any other writer, Jesse Liberty is brilliant at communicating what it’s really like to work on a programming project… You can’t beat Liberty for clarity..” — Barnes & Noble 

Information on all my books (Tables of Contents, Sample chapters, etc.)

Programming .NET 3.5
by Jesse Liberty & Alex Horovitz
O’Reilly & Media 2008
ISBN: 059652756X  

It was our theory; generated long before I started work at Microsoft, that while there was good reason to write what I call “silo” books on each of the .NET technologies (e.g., WPF, WCF, etc.) there was a coherence to the entire Microsoft framework that was potentially missed by that approach. 

Our other theory was that .NET 3.5 (broadly defined) was the first version of .NET to fully facilitate the development of n-tier applications and MVC (imagine our shock when Microsoft developed the MVC library for ASP.NET!) 

All in all it was a blast to write, even though we did have to write it twice (originally we wrote Programming .NET 3, then we totally rewrote it for .NET 3.5, so this is really the 2nd edition!). 


5.0 out of 5 stars Jesse Liberty Hits Another Home Run!, February 25, 2009

By  Daniel McKinnon (Tewksbury, MA USA) – See all my reviews

…you should make it well worth your while to get to know Jesse Liberty asap. He’s an amazing writer that puts books out in warp speed time. Content is always good, writing is clear and concise and he is a joy to read…
If you need to learn about .NET 3.5 you would be remiss not picking up this text to get up to speed and working right now. You get this book you will NOT be disappointed!!




“In my opinion Jesse is the finest technical writer in the .NET arena today “ 

— Bill Woodruff

Learning ASP.NET 3.5 with AJAX
by Jesse Liberty, Dan Hurwitz and Brian MacDonald
O’Reilly Media 2008
ISBN: 0596518455 

This book teaches web developers how to build engaging and interactive web sites and applications of professional quality using Microsoft’s latest web development tools. 

Learning ASP.NET 3.5 helps you master the concepts and techniques of Microsoft’s tools with annotated examples, review quizzes, web construction exercises and chapter summaries, so you can practice new skills and test your understanding as you go. With it, you’ll learn to: 

  • Master the fundamental skills of ASP.NET to build professional quality web applications
  • Integrate Ajax tools and CSS with ASP.NET for more interactive sites
  • Build applications with minimal coding using Visual Studio or its free counterpart, Visual Web Developer
  • Connect your site with a database so that users can retrieve, interact and save data
  • Debug your application, deal with unexpected problems, and protect your site from malicious users
  • Use personalization tools to give your site a customized look for each user

Download Northwind for SQL Server 2005  

Source Code 


Programming ASP.NET 3.5
by Jesse Liberty, Dan Hurwitz & Dan Maharry
O’Reilly & Associates 2008
ISBN: 0596529562 

This comprehensive tutorial for ASP.NET has been fully updated for ASP.NET 3.5, C# 3.0 and Visual Studio 2008. 

Winner: “Staff Favorites” Barnes & 

William F. Zachmann (Zachmann.Net) “… it’s another must-have for anyone interested in ASP.NET 2.0 development.” 

Amazon.Com: “…one of the best available titles for learning ASP.NET” 

Shawn Wildermuth : “Whenever I am working on a ASP.NET project, this is the book that is open on my desk. It’s all in there.” 



“Thank you to Jesse Liberty, who doesn’t know how much he helped me when I needed inspiration on how to turn a phrase”. 

– Chris Fox, Essential Microsoft Operations Manager – Acknowledgements 

Learning C# 2008 by Jesse Liberty and Brian MacDonald
O’Reilly & Associates 2008
ISBN: 0596521065  

Learning C# 2008 is a complete rewrite for C# 3.0; with a fully updated introduction the C# language, as well as a general introduction to .NET programming. 

Written for those who are new to programming or who are transitioning from VB6, , Learning C# will help you build a solid foundation and show how to apply your skills to basic programming tasks by using dozens of tested examples. 

Learning C# introduces Visual Studio .NET, a tool set for building both Windows and web applications. You’ll learn about the syntax and structure of the C# language, including operators, classes and objects, structs, arrays, strings and regular expressions, as well as newer aspects of the language including generics. 

Liberty then demonstrates how to develop various kinds of applications–including those that work with databases–and web services. By the time you’ve finished Learning C# you’ll be ready to move on to a more advanced programming guide that will help you create large-scale web and Windows applications. 



Programming C# 4.0 by Ian Griffiths, Matthew Adams and Jesse Liberty
O’Reilly & Associates 2010
ISBN: 0596159838  

This thoroughly updated tutorial for beginning to intermediate programmers covers C# 3.0 and the newest .NET platform for developing Windows and web applications. Now in its sixth edition, O’Reilly’s bestselling Programming C# 4.0 teaches the essentials of the C# and the .NET Framework Class Libraries, and explains how to use these tools to create applications for Windows and the web.
This book: 

  • Provides a comprehensive tutorial in C# and .NET programming that also serves as a useful reference you’ll want by your side while you’re working
  • Covers all of the new features of the language, thoroughly integrated into every chapter, rather than tacked on at the end
  • Provides insight into best practices and insight into real world programming by a professional programmer who worked with C# as an independent contractor for nearly a decade before joining Microsoft as a Senior Program Manager
  • Once again, every chapter in this book has been totally revised, and the entire book has been reorganized to respond to significant changes in the language
  • Full details on new C# 4.0 features and capabilities, from optional and named arguments to dynamic and concurrent programming
  • Learn about LINQ, anonymous delegates, and lambda expressions

       Book info


Programming C# 3.0 by Jesse Liberty and Donald Xie
O’Reilly & Associates 2007 



4 Responses to “My Books”

  1. 1 Ronald Stein

    I have come to and gone to subsection called “my books”. I have purchased “Learning C# 3.0” by Jesse Liberty and Brian MacDonald . I am trying to download the source code from this web site. You do not list this exact book title “Learning C# 3.0”, but instead it seems that you list “Learning C# 2008”. When I click on any of the links for Source Code, Errata sheet or FAQ, the links do not work. Can you please help me obtain the source code as your book claims to provide at this site. Thanks

    • Ronald,

      I’ve fixed up the page so the links should work. At the top of the page you’ll find a link to my books on O’ To the extent that source code for old books exists, it would be there, as they generate and maintain the source code files.


  2. 3 john

    Ch 11 – 17 seemed to be just the bare bones information. Esp when I hit delegates. Boy where did they come from or the publisher / client. Safari books was no help since I had to pay (I didnot since I bought the book). Is there explanation to fill in these chapters from your “Learning c# 3.0: Master (bate?) the fundamentals” book? Now that I finished there is 4.0. I have a c# fetish just like leather (real tight but not so tight to stop blood flow). Any idea where I can look for these info? I did not find them on your website.


    • John,

      The Learning books are designed to be quick and more of an overview. The Programming Series is more indepth (and twice the size). The latest edition of Programming Silverlight was rewritten by Ian Griffiths and should be available next month; that may be more of what you are looking for. You’ll also find a great deal of additional information on the Microsoft C# web pages.

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