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I find these to be true, empirically:

1. If I don’t have it with me, I won’t use it
2. The more difficult it is the less likely it is to work
2a: the easier it is, the more likely to work, and automated is best
3. The more places it might be, the less likely it is I’ll find it
3a. All notes go in the same place
3b. Use Search, not tagging or filing
4. If it doesn’t reach out and remind me, I won’t remember
4a Alarms are key


While I very much like the name: Little Britain, but we don’t want to be vindictive. After all they are our allies and have given us incredible treasures such as clotted cream, Monty Python and a couple presidential lap dogs. So I propose we rename Great Britain to Extremely Good Britain. That seems more than fair.